The love affair between heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker continues, with the former telling his dad he thinks Parker is "a nice young fella."

An interview between the two Furys, posted on YouTube in April, shows the Manchester born "gypsy king" chatting with his dad Peter about boxing and "life in general," before they move on to the subject of the young Kiwi champion.

When Fury was asked by his dad about other fighters he respected, replied: "Joseph Parker, I like him, he's a nice young fella."

His father agreed, saying he was doing well and was a good fighter.


"He's a lovely lad as well, he always hits me up on Twitter and messages me and that."

Earlier this year, the pair had a touching interaction ion the social media platform.

Tyson's dad Pete said what he liked about Parker was that he didn't take any pushovers, and his son agreed that Parker only fought fighters who could fight him back.

"He's been managed correctly," he said.

"Yeah and he's learning his job properly so when he steps up he will be ready, he's a force to be reckoned with," Pete said.

"For sure," the 27-year-old agreed. "I like him, I like his style, he's an aggressive, fit young professional. He's coming along lovely and he's got a good fight in Carlos Takam, who will give him some good rounds, but it's a fight that he can win, comfortably."