A former Warriors coach has spoken out about his suspicions that players were abusing prescription drugs during his time at the club, following more than a week of drama for the embattled team.

Matthew Elliot was Warriors coach in 2012 until he was sacked by the team in 2014.

He told Fox Sports News that he suspected players were abusing prescription medication during his tenure, but lacked the proof at the time to take his concerns to NRL bosses.

"I suspected (prescription drug abuse)," explained Elliot in the interview.


"The last person that knows in those circumstances (is the coach), because those prescription drugs aren't performance enhancers.

"They're the exact opposite, they're performance detractors - the head coach will be the last person to know. I suspected as much though.

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"I also think it's an issue right across professional sport - we've seen it with swimmers and it's also an issue across our community.

"Players take the opportunity to use them for a number of reasons. Not only (to deal with) emotional issues, but to get themselves a little bit loose as well."

His comments come after Manu Vatuvei, Ben Matulino, Bodene Thompson, Sam Lisone, and Albert Vete admitted to the club last week that they mixed prescription drugs and energy drinks on their infamous night out two days after the big loss to Melbourne.