Former heavyweight boxer David Tua has a beautiful new woman in his life - and is not afraid to tell the world how he feels.

The 43-year-old was pictured in Samoa yesterday alongside new wife Helen Tua.

The couple are in the island nation where he is due to speak about his struggles with depression and suicide at a community concert in the capital city, Apia, tomorrow.

He told the Samoa Observer: "To be asked to come and speak about my depression, as well as my suicidal thoughts, it's a true blessing to help where I'm needed."


In a video posted on the official David Tua Health and Fitness gym Facebook page, the Tuaman performs a touching tribute to his wife in a song.

To the cheers of the crowd before him, he sings: "Since I met you, babe, my whole life has changed. Since I met you, Helen, I'm a happy man." - To which the crowd collectively cry: "Aww!"

"Since I met you, Helen, my whole life has changed," he swoons, before translating the song in Samoan.

As he finishes off an impressive showcase of trills and vocals, members of the crowd call out for one more song - but he manages to get away by ducking into a building behind.

Tua separated from former wife, Robina Siteine-Tua, a few years ago. They have two sons now aged in their late teens to early 20s.