Jonathan Thurston and the referee had a puzzling conversation during the Cowboys' 32-16 win over Parramatta in Townsville on Saturday night.

The North Queensland halfback appeared to query the score when lining up to kick a penalty goal in the 66th minute after Eels pivot Corey Norman was sin-binned for a professional foul.

The Cowboys were trailing 16-14 at the time.

He was asking about the amount of tries and conversions the visitors had racked up, but the man with the whistle wasn't much help at all.


"I dunno mate," said the ref when asked about the Eels' conversion attempts. "I just put my hand up or wave them away."

JT: He missed his first two didn't he?

REF: I dunno, my memory's not that good.

JT: They've scored three tries haven't they?

REF: Look on the scoreboard mate.

The exchange had everyone puzzled.

"Is he disputing the score?" asked Fox Sports commentator Greg Alexander.

"We're in Townsville. I don't think they're going to be adding points to the Parramatta score."