Border officers in Canada have arrested an African man, believed to be 30-years-old, who has been attending a Catholic high school for the past six months while posing as a 17-year-old.

The Windsor Star reports Jonathon Nicola, who headlined the school's basketball team, was being kept at a nearby detention center.

At six-foot-nine and 202 pounds, with a shoe size of 16, Nicola was considered a good, young player by his coach Pete Cusumano, of whom Nicola lived with - so much so that he believed Nicola had the ability to challenge for a spot in the NBA.

Prospect videos of Nicola had even been posted online, showing Nicola shooting hoops and running drills in the school gym.


The Canada Border Services Agency said officers arrested Nicola on Thursday (NZT) for allegedly contravening the Immigration Refugee Protection Act.

The agency did not discus what Nicola, who is in Canada on a student visa, is accused of doing.

Nicola had a detention review on Wednesday (NZT) before the Immigration and Refugee Board, which decided that Nicola should remain in custody.