Cronulla CEO Lyall Gorman has confirmed the man behind the buggy incident involving Chris Heighington's son was a contracted worker and not an employee of the club.

As the Sharks continue their investigation into how Heighington's three-year-old son Rocco was run over by a golf buggy after Sunday's win against the Titans, Gorman said the man worked for landscaping company Green Options- who look after the club's grounds and Leagues Club.

The man in question is understood to be distraught after he attempted to clear corner post padding before kids from the general public were allowed on the field five minutes after full-time.

Unfortunately, a padded corner post thrown into the buggy hit the accelerator and the vehicle drove off unattended before coming into contact with Heighington's son.


Gorman said the club will analyse the incident and their post-match set-up in a bid to prevent a repeat accident happening in the future.

"It's one of those incredibly unfortunate incidents," Gorman told The Daily Telegraph.

"He (the man) has put some pieces of equipment in a buggy, which has wedged the accelerator and it's gone off driverless.

"It's incredibly regrettable and we've got to find out ways to prevent things like that happening in the future.

"Our major focus has been on the welfare of the young boy and Chris and his wife and the family."

Fullback Ben Barba was one of the first players to notice Heighington's son being hit by the buggy and says he was shaken by the incident.

"It wasn't something you'd like to see, especially given a lot of us are fathers," Barba said.

"I haven't talked about it with Chris because he has obviously been with the family, but you just have to put yourself in his shoes.

"You would never wish that on anyone.

"Chris is still a bit rattled and so are we, but he is a leader and a smart guy and I'm sure he'll work through it."

Barba believes kids being allowed on the field is a positive of playing home games, but admitted a review of post-match processes was required.

"I think maybe next time the guys packing up can wait a little bit longer and let the fans and players celebrate with their family," he said.

"No disrespect to the grounds staff, but maybe that's the way to go."