Odell Beckham Jr and Ronda Rousey share a few things in common.

Obviously, they're both incredible athletes, but most notably, the superstars hold the distinction of having their bare bodies displayed to the world on magazine covers.

Rousey notoriously graced the cover of Sports Illustrated's latest swimsuit issue while Beckham showed off his athletic physique on the cover of ESPN's Body issue.

DKTV brought the pair together for a round of "Picture This" so Rousey and Beckham could discuss a variety of topics, including their nude covers and how OBJ kept everything together during his shoot.


"What had happened was the clothes they had weren't going to be good for the shoot so they just decided to shoot without them," Beckham Jr said.

"This is hard work, this is real sweat, you can see the one on the toe right there.

"It was a lot of fun doing that, though a little discomforting. You know, you walk in there and you're really butt naked. It would be like being naked in front of all these people in this room right now."

In the photo, the New York Giants wide receiver is pictured in mid stride with a football tucked under one arm and both legs off the ground.

It can't have been an easy move to pull off without revealing absolutely everything, so Rousey wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of it all.

"So you're a guy, I've just got to wonder - do they, like, tape you to your leg? Do you time the bounce?

"Do they photoshop it out?"

Yep, the serious questions indeed.

"You have to because there were a couple of shots where they were like this (with a little too much of the NFL star on show) and it's like, 'You can't use those,' Beckham Jr said.

"They're trying to look at the whole picture and I'm saying, 'You can just delete this one right now.'"

The NFL player wasn't the only one getting grilled though, as Rousey explained her famous nude shoot where she was covered in body point instead of clothes.

"So, I'm naked," she said. "It took 14 hours to put on, that paint.

"That was one of our last shots of the day, but little did I know there was some dude in these bushes creeping on another island with a long lens.

"So a couple of people got that shot actually."

Rousey opened up on one of the more enjoyable fights she's had in her UFC career, which came when she easily defeated Brazilian Bethe Correia in August last year.

"That girl's name was 'B****'. That was one of the funner (sic) fights to promote because I could use her name indiscriminately and never get bleeped," Rousey said.

"We were at the weigh-ins and the only thing she ever said to me in English was, 'Don't cry.' She was screaming, 'Don't cry, don't cry' in my face right there.

"So then right after I knocked her out I turned around and I said, 'Don't cry.' I returned her advice."