It's never over until it's over...and this proves it.

An American college basketball team has overcome a 12 point deficit with only 44 seconds left to nail an impossible victory that has stunned the sports world.

Northern Iowa Panthers appeared to have the game in the bag, but Texas A&M thought otherwise during their NCAA tournament round of 32 clash. In a crazy 33 seconds, the winners forced four turnovers and made six field goals, the same number of baskets they made in the entire first half.

"...the Panthers had the most disastrous 44 seconds of any team, anywhere," Barry Petchesky of sports website Deadspin wrote of the game in Oklahoma.


"Something like this had never happened before, may not happen again as long as you live."

Texas A&M managed the amazing reversal without deliberately fouling, the conventional tactic when faced with a large deficit late in a game.

They went on a 14-2 run then secured a 92-88 victory in double overtime.

Texas player Danuel House said: "We knew it was kind of impossible, man, but we just said that we were going to fight until the end.''

The previous best NCAA comeback was 11 points in a minute, set in 2005.