Greg Inglis has had one of the NRL's greatest brain fades.

The South Sydney superstar stepped up to be a hero, attempting a field goal with seconds left on the clock.

The only problem? The Rabbitohs were down by two.

Inglis' attempt at the one-pointer had people wondering whether he had confused himself with rugby's rulebook, where a drop goal is worth three points.


The mistake also brought back memories of Terry Lamb in 1992, who took a late field goal for the Bulldogs when down 12-10.

Believing the score was 10-10, he made it, before realising his mistake as the Bulldogs lost 12-11.

Inglis' inexplicable attempt with seconds left on the clock missed anyway, consigning the Rabbitohs to their 8-6 loss.

Now, we wait to hear his explanation.