Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton might have left New Zealand but he's still posting about his "unreal" experience here.

Early this morning he wrote on Twitter: "Landing on top of a glacier in the South Island of New Zealand, was one of the craziest experiences of my life."

He later posted a video to Twitter and wrote: "Driving biodegradable golf balls above the clouds!! Unreal experience!"

It was an eventful stay in New Zealand for Hamilton.


Yesterday police announced that they had dropped any investigations into Hamilton's apparent use of a cell phone while speeding down an Auckland motorway on a motorcycle.

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Police said there was not enough evidence to show the 31-year-old had actually been holding the phone at the time.

Source: Lewis Hamilton / Snapchat

Hamilton shared a short video on social networking app Snapchat, on Tuesday, showing him cruising down a motorway on a Harley Davidson.

Police acknowledged he may have had a hands-free cell phone device attached to the bike - making it legally okay for him to use a cell phone driving.

"Auckland City Police will be taking no further action in relation to recent media publicity about Lewis Hamilton and his motorcycle journey in Auckland," police said. "The video footage available does not provide us with sufficient enough evidence that an offence has occurred."

The decision came as the racing driver took in the sights of Queenstown and shared scenes of Milford Sound.

Hamilton shared his adventures with fans via Snapchat. With three friends, the journey starts off with him showing off a black helicopter.

"That's our baby for the day. Let's do some sightseeing."

Source: Lewis Hamilton / Snapchat

As the helicopter flies over water towards mountains, Hamilton and his companions can be heard in the background gasping in awe. He tells fans: "Yup. This is the most beautiful place I've seen!"

Other photos and videos show the crew on top of a glacier and Hamilton playing golf on a mountain top. A friend also dips his hand into what appears to be a freshwater pool. He tells the camera: "That's fresh - oh my God, that's the best water!"

Hamilton pans his camera around again, telling fans: "Just so freakin' beautiful."

Earlier this week he attracted the spotlight after he tweeted a critical message of SkyCity Casino to his 3.2 million followers on Monday night.

"Don't ever go to sky city casino in Auckland, they treated me like dirt," he wrote. "Can't believe how rude they were. Worst casino experience ever."

He later deleted the tweet.

Hamilton arrived in Melbourne last night for this weekend's Australian GP.