An Aussie rugby league star has shared the story of the horrific moment his penis was torn during a tackle.

Haydn Peacock suffered the bizarre injury which required 11 stitches while playing for the French side AS Carcassonne last month.

The 23-year-old was pulled to the ground by his manhood - but he only realised the extent of the injury at halftime.

"When we played UTC the other week their centre pretty much ripped my d*ck off," Peacock explained on the website French Footy.


"He made a tackle by reaching out and grabbing my d*ck. Have you seen the photo? It's a classic. They put it on the front page of the paper.

"I took the ball off the scrum and made a half break, and their centre has come across from the inside and reached out in a last-ditch effort and has got a hold of my d*ck with one hand and pulled me down.

"There's a photo of me screaming in pain, and I finished out the half. The pain was all right and then at halftime I was like 'I've got to have a look'. I checked on it and the skin is half ripped off and I was like, 'Sh*t, where's the doctor? Where's the doctor?'

Will Chambers reacts after a squirrel grab from Sam Burgess. Photo / Fox Sports
Will Chambers reacts after a squirrel grab from Sam Burgess. Photo / Fox Sports

"They had to go and get the UTC doctor and he came in and checked it out and he was like, 'Oh man, you're going to have to go and get stitches'. So I had to go to the clinic that night and they had to put 11 stitches around it to put the skin back together.

"I showed all the boys and they were pissing themselves laughing. In all of my career I've never heard of anyone having anything like that happen - 11 stitches in the d*ck.

"I remember I had to strap it all up for the next game. I just had to go around it. The coach wanted me to go out and buy a cup but I'm not going to play with a cup, I'm not going to be able to run. I just had to heavily strap it. It's all good (now). I got the stitches out and it's all sweet. No dramas."


Peacock's injury joins a long list of cringe worthy rugby league moments which includes "squirrel grips": Aussie slang for an illegal rugby tackle involving the grip of the testicles, and John Hopoate's infamous tactics.

All Black captain Buck Shelford was a key player in the infamous "Battle of Nantes" - the second test against France in 1986.

Twenty minutes into the match, he was caught at the bottom of a ruck, and a French boot struck him in the groin, ripping his scrotum and leaving one testicle hanging free.

He also lost four teeth. Incredibly, after discovering the injury to his scrotum, he calmly asked the physio to stitch up the tear and returned to the field before a blow to his head left him concussed.

He was substituted and watched the remainder of the game from the grandstand where he witnessed the All Blacks lose 16-3.

To this day Shelford has no memory of the game.

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