Baywatch lifeguards, stormtroopers, men in pink tutus and die hard warriors fans are all out in force at the Auckland Nines this afternoon.

And so far, everyone is behaving themselves despite long queues at the bars.

Easing into their second day, a group of mates dressed as "Indian Snow White" and the seven dwarfs were milling about after the Warriors' first win of the day.

Pinda Singh, dressed in a blonde wig and toga as his interpretation of Snow White, said they'd been planning their costumes for six months and bought the dwarfs' masks off eBay.


Photos: Fans at the Auckland Nines 2016

But the trick to a good costume, says Hayden Stowell, is for it to be impressive, comfortable, forgiving in the heat and sun-smart. He reckons he and friend James Sigley have cracked it this year - skin tight Legend of Zoro suits with painted on abs complete with a cape, hat and sword.

Mr Stowell, from Whakatane and in Auckland for the tournament, said punters' responses to their costumes was "very positive".

"We trained all winter and our diet was pretty strict," he joked, pointing to his fake abs.

Some other friends worked out another way to handle the heat - beer.

The three friends from the South Island snapped up some $50 ghillie suits online and when the Herald asked how they were keeping cool, all three lifted four beers each and as they did that someone else walking past joked: "Look! Floating beers!"

But despite the long lines at the bars, fans seemed to be behaving themselves. The Herald only saw two friends, dressed as old men, kicked out after they knocked a drink out of another mate's hands. They seemed to know their day at the Nines was over as the warden escorted them out - they walked calmly, chatting and even stopped for a photo.

But their day wasn't over. After stopping for a cigarette, they shouted: "To the Kingslander!"

Meanwhile, staff at Entrance A said there are more people at the stadium today but they hadn't caught anyone trying to sneak in alcohol or be turned away because they were too drunk.

Just up Walters Rd, Charlie Cobb, 15, is making a killing selling hot-dogs and cans of soft drink from his friend's dad's driveway outside the stadium.

Steve Coppard set up Rock Dogs three years ago for the first nines tournament. He's since expanded the grill business and now leaves the original barbecue up to the kids to run and they can keep the profits.

"James cuts the rolls, Lissey does all the sauces and Charlie puts it all together."

Yesterday, the trip sold $1000 worth of hot-dogs but Mr Coppard is expecting them to sell $3000 over the whole weekend.

Two Roman goddesses were impressed and bought a hot-dog while sipping on vodka cruiser RTDs.

Tina Stephens and Trish Flood, up for the weekend from Rotorua, bought their toga costumes but accessories them themselves.

"You want to accommodate the weather and you always want to look sexy when you go to events like this."

Ambulance coordinator Lynn Mosley said over the two days St John staff had mostly treated people for dehydration and blisters.

"Mostly things that can be treated with Panadol and plasters.

"It's a really cool event, lots of happy people."

She said people were "pretty good" at using the free water stations to stay hydrated.

Yesterday they also treated some of the injuries they sustained on the field.