The Mitchell Pearce controversy has taken a sinister turn with the identity of a man, alleged to have sold the infamous Australia Day footage of the NRL player drunk and simulating sex with a dog, posted across social media.

Photographs, a phone number and an address of a man have been widely circulated on social media since yesterday evening with some Twitter users seemingly condoning violence against him suggesting people "get their pitchforks ready" and asking if he has "left the country yet?"

The outburst of anger follows revelations the NRL has taken possession of a copy of a text message exchange as part of their investigation into Pearce's behaviour.

The text message exchange is between two unknown people, one of whom claims to have met Pearce and other players at the Royal Oak Hotel in Double Bay in Sydney's east, reported the Daily Telegraph.


The text messages discuss a proposal to sell the infamous video of Pearce at a Bondi flat in the early hours of Wednesday morning, to media outlets.

The lewd video also showed him harassing a woman, apparently covered in urine, and being told to leave the flat.

During the exchange it's alleged a man called "Jack" filmed Pearce's boozy behaviour.

"Jack has to send you a video of Mitchell Pearce humping (the pet dog) bella," a text message reads.

"Thinking about selling it to the Daily Mail to end his career."

Another exchange reads says: "yep so f ... d and pissed on her lounge," and, "He was whaled."

"Jack sat there filming it all."

According to reports, the phone footage was sold to a picture agency for $5000 and then onsold for $60,000.

Yesterday, the alleged identity of a person who filmed the incident was posted on social media including images of a man from a LinkedIn page and Twitter profile. The information also included street addresses, an email address and a mobile phone number as well as discussions about business interests the man might have.

One Twitter use, who re posted a mobile phone number multiple times, then tweeted that "apparently his phone went to voicemail so they gave him what for!"

Many people expressed their disgust at the man, who it has not been confirmed filmed or sold the video, calling him a "grub" and saying "have fun being hated for the rest of your life."

Other posts however steered close to condoning violence with posts saying "he's been exposed, rip to him", "hope karma kicks the s**t out of you" and "that guy get a hiding yet?"

One sinister post depicts a scene from the Godfather alongside the man's name suggesting a mafia hit while another says "get your pitchforks ready, we leave at midnight."

The LinkedIn page for the man appears to have been taken down and while a Twitter account which people have cited is still active there are no posts since 2013. There also appears to be no Facebook page for the man.

On Friday, a shattered looking Pearce fronted media and said he "unreservedly apologised" for his actions.

"My behaviour was unacceptable; I'm embarrassed and take full responsibility for my actions.

"I acknowledge that I have a problem with alcohol and it's something I need to address. It's not an excuse but a realisation that finally I need help."

Yesterday evening, the Sydney Roosters said Pearce had departed for an overseas intensive rehabilitation facility with his mother "for an extended period".

A spokesman for the NRL said the text message exchange had been passed on to the Integrity Unit, reported the Daily Telegraph.

"The Integrity Unit does not comment on ongoing investigations," the spokesman said.