Under-fire Eden Park has been given a vote of confidence from league nines boss Martin Snedden.

The Duco Events chief executive was riding shot gun for the Eden Park management, telling Newstalk ZB's Mike Hosking that running live sport was more difficult than many might imagine.

When asked if he was worried about the stadium's readiness for the NRL Nines early next month, Snedden said: "No...the good thing is the Eden Park chief executive (Guy Ngata) came out and said they made a mistake, he fronted up."

Eden Park has been bagged by some spectators over a range of issues including queues and prices after the T20 cricket match between New Zealand and Pakistan.


Snedden said: "It is a terribly difficult thing at times to run live events...it sounds (as if) this shouldn't be too hard, but it can be.

"I suspect they got a huge influx of people they weren't expecting and got caught short. Let's just listen to the explanation, not blow it out of proportion and let them get onto it. I've got a lot of confidence in the guys at Eden Park."

Listen to Mike Hosking's full interview with Martin Snedden:

Snedden said New Zealand stadiums had improved in recent years, which was critical in trying to get people away from watching sport on TV.

"It's a series of judgement calls on a lot of issues. Every so often you get caught out, it looks bad, and you have to learn from that," Snedden said.