The Dick Smith NRL Nines rugby league tournament won't need a ratepayer bailout, says Martin Snedden, the chief executive of promoters Duco Events.

Cameron Brewer, the Auckland councillor for Orakei, today issued a statement outlining his concerns that Duco Events could turn to the council for help following the electronic goods company's financial problems, but Snedden said that definitely wouldn't be the case.

"We won't need a bailout," Snedden said. "We won't be going to [council events arm] ATEED. In many ways I agree with Cameron's comments."

Brewer said: "Ratepayers are already pouring $12 million into the NRL Nines and as much fun as it is, most Aucklanders would think that's more than enough.


"I appreciate the annual tournament's economic benefits have supposedly been higher than what was forecast from the outset. However that can be no excuse for Auckland ratepayers now being thrown a hospital pass due to Dick Smith's predicament."

Snedden said yesterday that Duco Events were owed money by Dick Smith this year for the tournament's naming rights, and would contact the receivers for more information. Dick Smith had signed a five-year deal for the naming rights.