Video footage of a weigh-in girl staring at male fighters before a UFC event has spread across the internet, triggering a debate around her actions.

The young woman, who was at the UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas, was captured on film multiple times as she stared at the fighters getting weighed before the event.

While the event took place at the Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan Hotel on December 10 last year, the footage has only just begun to circulate online.

The woman is seen wearing a blue polo shirt, and repeatedly stares at each fighter as he undresses on stage.


Her actions have got viewers on social media talking, after a mashup of it was uploaded to YouTube.

Many questioned what her role was on stage. Her identity is not known.

Some said she was "objectifying them", and described it as "disgusting".

Others defended her, saying "good for her", and "I don't see why girls would hate this. It's basically a compliment". Another wrote: "When you have a job you enjoy, every day's a holiday. This lady's living the dream."

A male viewer also posted: "If it was a man, you'd have some ... feminist calling for his head."

The footage has already had more than a million views and counting. -