A young Bulldogs NRL player has "destroyed" his career after phoning a female club coach and making obscene noises.

David Minute, 22, was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond in Burwood Local Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to using a mobile phone to harass, offend or menace.

The court heard the charges stemmed from a practical joke gone horribly wrong on July 19.

Minute was on a first-year contract with the Bulldogs when he used his girlfriend's phone to call strength and conditioning coach Elizabeth Marin several times.


Facts tendered in court stated the victim picked up a call at 6.34pm and heard noises that sounded like a male moaning while masturbating.

On the same night, the victim answered another call and heard a male moaning "like he was masturbating and in the progress of orgasming", the facts state.

In another phone call, the victim heard a "boogie man style voice" before the caller, Minute, said "arghhhh".

Minute later told police during an interview that it was a prank and a joke.

He also said he was only making noises on the phone and wasn't in the act of masturbating during the calls.

His lawyer Danny Eid said Minute's contract, worth $90,000 a year, would not be renewed and he had destroyed his playing career.

Minute had expressed remorse and wanted to apologise to his colleagues, Mr Eid said.

Magistrate Gary Still said the whole thing was absurd and placed him on a good behaviour bond.