All Whites coach Anthony Hudson has insisted that a potential matchup against a powerhouse South American side will not have an impact on their World Cup preparations.

The All Whites' road to the 2018 World Cup in Russia became a daunting proposition when Oceania was drawn to face the fifth placed South American team in a home-and-away qualifier for a spot at the World Cup.

If the All Whites make it through the Oceania qualifiers, they could conceivably take on the likes of Uruguay, Colombia or Chile for a spot at the World Cup - all sides ranked in the world's top 15.

However, Hudson claims a contest with a big-name South American squad will not significantly influence his side's preparation.


"It doesn't change anything. We're right in the middle of implementing our way of playing which is adaptable, we'll be in a position where we're able to adapt and have different systems that we can play," said Hudson.

"To get to the World Cup it's going to be incredibly challenging for every single team. We could be going to play against Iran in front of 100,000 fans, or going to South Korea, or going to USA or wherever - it's irrelevant - it's a game and we'll be incredibly prepared for it.

"We're going to continue along with our plan, we've got two years to plan for that game and we've still got a huge belief that we're going to go to Russia."

Hudson is placing an emphasis on getting quality preparation and games in the build-up to the World Cup, with camps in Europe a distinct possibility.

"We have to get a game where it's convenient, not just for the players but for the players' clubs. If we can try get a win-win there where we can get all our best players available that's something that will be very positive for us and is something we're strongly looking at."

Although games in Europe are a tasty proposition, Hudson is assertive that the national squad will be playing international friendlies in every FIFA window, regardless of location.

"We're never going to have a window without a game, every window we've got games planned. We want games but we don't want it at the expense of correct preparation - we need quality preparation and games, it's just about getting the right balance."

That preparation continues on the 8th of September when the All Whites travel to play Myanmar.