Credibility is something the Warriors have battled for throughout their 20-year existence but they gained an instant dose of it with the appointment of Jim Doyle as the new chief executive.

Outgoing CEO Wayne Scurrah doesn't have the best name among fans but has done a handy job in a period of incredible highs and lows. Co-owner Eric Watson said he would be happy to do business with Scurrah in the future.

I think Doyle can help usher in a period of success not seen at the club before. Things seem to be improving on the pitch, given what coach Andrew McFadden has managed to achieve with the team in a short space of time, and I'm convinced Doyle will take them to a new level off the field.

It appears Scurrah has been moved along because Doyle was ready and willing to come home. A man of Doyle's capabilities doesn't come around often. The club were right to get him while they could.


I had a bit to do with him when he was NZRL chief executive. The impact he made there, when he turned around an underperforming organisation, will never be forgotten.

He used to chair Kiwis selection meetings. It was a seamless process under his watch. They were easy-going but to the point and he moved things along at a good speed.

I imagine it will be the way he approaches his new job with the Warriors. He's all about accountability and making sure people achieve their targets. He used to have regular, monthly catchups and adopted a colour-coded system to see how close employees got to their goals.

People shouldn't dismiss the value of a good chief executive. Doyle has good business acumen but is also in tune with the community and league fraternity. He will have learned a huge amount at his time with the NRL and have a really good insight into how all the clubs operate, which will benefit the Warriors.

You can sense excitement is starting to mount about how the team are playing and if they can beat the Rabbitohs tomorrow night it will make other clubs take notice.

Fans are saying they are loving the fact the Warriors are grinding out wins. Grinding. When have we ever said that about the Warriors?

There was a great crowd at Mt Smart Stadium last weekend and it was heartening to hear the club have turned their back on Eden Park for the time being. It was a smart move by the club and showed they are listening to fans - the people who pay their wages.

It was also a move that attempts to force the hand of the Auckland Council by making them put money back into the stadium for much-needed improvements.


The events of the past week have created a really positive vibe around the Warriors and I'm really hopeful it will turn into something truly special.