NBA favourite Steven Adams was tucking into some good New Zealand food hours after touching down back home.

The 20-year-old, sporting a hoodie jumper and earphones around his neck, looked relaxed as he walked through Wellington Airport yesterday morning. He stopped briefly to greet fans, shaking a few hands.

Hours later, Adams - who is known to talk about his love of food - posted a photo of the Kiwi delicacy he was about to enjoy. "Bluff oysters," he wrote on Twitter, adding a smiley face.

Steven Adams has uploaded this photo to twitter
Steven Adams has uploaded this photo to twitter "Bluff oysters". Photo / AP

Adams is in the country for a brief holiday, following what many consider a stellar rookie season with the Oklahoma City Thunder squad.


His arrival in New Zealand comes after his squad's loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference finals.

At the airport, he was humble about his efforts.

"I haven't accomplished anything, man. You know, I set out a goal to get a championship and didn't get it, so I fell short. There's nothing really to be proud of," he told media.

It is understood Adams will be visiting his local community during his stay, including giving a few tips to young basketballers.

Before leaving the US, he revealed for the first time that he would not be making himself available to play for the Tall Blacks at this year's Basketball World Cup. Instead, he would be focusing on preparing himself for the next big goal with the Thunder - the NBA Summer League.

Steven Adams' rookie NBA season with the Oklahoma City Thunder is over. In his exit interview he gets everyone laughing with his dry Kiwi sense of humor. Courtesy: OKC Thunder

Adams also said he was looking forward to returning to New Zealand, but admitted he might have to come up with a few ways to get around without being recognised.

"Incognito - yeah, no chance. I actually bought a facemask ... it's like a balaclava. So I've got that. I might wear that around," he joked.

"But it's going to be ridiculous, probably, because I like to be out a lot. I've got a lot of restaurants I like to eat at - smash out some food. It's going to be quite annoying."


Referring to his Olympic shot put champion sister, Valerie Adams, he said he might need help from her for protection.

"She's aggressive. She would boom, boom, smash them," he said, laughing.