There'll be no lucky underpants, no slap-up feed at his favorite burger chain, no watching Rocky DVDs for Shane Cameron in the final hours leading up to his IBO world cruiserweight title fight against Danny Green in Melbourne tonight.

Cameron doesn't do superstition.

"I don't tend to slot into too much ritual stuff, just in case something happens and there are no movies or something like that," Cameron said. "Then all of sudden it's 'I'm gonna lose because they didn't have the right movie'. I just do what I do."

Typically that is "listen to music, go for walks and relax".


There will also be no binge eating as he recovers from the extra fast imposed on him by the Green camp ahead of yesterday's ridiculous second weigh in. Just as they have been for the last eight weeks, Cameron's meals will be measured and weighed to the gram. Having shed an additional 1.5kg in fluids in a hot bath yesterday to meet Green's mandated 89kg limit, rehydrating will be top priority today - although he enjoyed a meal of steak, eggs and chips last night.

Green may have weighed in just 1.35kg lighter than Cameron last night, however at the public face off there was no disguising Cameron is the much bigger man. By the time he enters the ring he will likely weigh about 6kg more than Green. The three-time world champion Australian has made plenty of that disadvantage, even suggesting he was worried about being carried out of the ring unconscious. Cameron rejected that as psychological posturing.

"He's been talking like that the whole way through the camp anyway," Cameron said. "He keeps talking me up and talking him down. It must be how he likes to build himself up."

Cameron said he had been overwhelmed by the level of support coming from New Zealand.

"It's tremendous. It's a big fight for New Zealand, big fight for me and big fight for my fans and family."