Herald on Sunday this week.' />

Boxer David Tua has retired from the sport ... or has he? "I'm retired. But I'm not officially retired," he told the Herald on Sunday this week.

With his wife Robina Siteine-Tua telling a women's magazine they'd split, the former heavyweight champ said it was time to step out of the ring.

He wouldn't discuss the split for the sake of their sons Klein, 16, and Kaynan, 14, but said life on his own was difficult.

"I'm not with my boys every day but I know that bond and I feel that connection. Blood is thicker than water. I will always be with them."


When asked whether his wife was still his manager, Tua, 39, said: "To be honest, she never was. She was a great help. She assisted me in things that I can't get done. But she never was. Respectively, the papers and writers made her a manager. It wasn't a thing that we discussed or talked about."

Asked about rumours of a $2 million tax bill, Tua said there were a few reasons why he'd rather not carry on with the sport. "I'd rather sort out these important matters out of the ring than in the ring." He said details would emerge in due time.

But he was positive about life, and enjoying training young boxers at "Kamp Tuaman" in Onehunga.

"Every day I wake up and I'm above the dirt is a day in paradise."