The Tiger Woods saga lurches on, dragging the world's leading sportsman deeper into a deserved, maggoty mire. Tiger might not get over this and Paul Lewis wonders if Woods will do what other sportsmen have done in his shoes - recover and win adulation again.

There are plenty of sex scandals involving famous sportspeople which end careers or credibility. Think former NRL player and media man Matthew Johns and Sven Goran Eriksson - once feted manager of the England football team, now director of football at lowly Notts County.

Just as many pick up the pieces of their wounded lives and either start again or somehow keep their marriages, career and credibility alive.

New Zealand even has an example - Black Caps' bowler Daryl Tuffey who, in 2005, was fined $1000 for serious misconduct By New Zealand Cricket after he was filmed having consensual sex with a woman by two British backpackers.

There was no criminal charge and no wife and family involved but Tuffey could have given Tiger lessons in frankness - his admission of guilt was "immediate and voluntary" and he accepted that the existence of the video "takes his conduct outside his private rights in respect of his off-field conduct," as his lawyer put it.

In other words, he stood up straight, admitted it and took his medicine. Tuffey had other problems - an infamous 14-ball opening over when playing for New Zealand caused his international career to list badly. Last week, at the Basin Reserve, a rejuvenated Tuffey took the field for the Black Caps for the first time in two years, returning figures of four for 64 in his first time back.

Here are 10 others from the international sports field who faced career-damaging scandal and yet recovered.

10. Max Mosley

He was 67 and president of the FIA - the controlling body of Formula 1 - when he was filmed in a sex scene with five hookers. He won a court case against the News of the World who said the sex romp included people dressed as Nazis - particularly sensitive as Mosley was the son of Oswald Mosley, the British Fascist leader linked with the Nazis. He strongly denied any Nazi theme.

Even before victory over the the News of the World, Mosley - in spite of the embarrassment of the romp which showed some kinky-style bondage and in spite of calls for his resignation - stuck to his guns, talked about his trangressions and won a vote of confidence from an FIA extraordinary general meeting, allowing him to serve out his term when he stood down in July this year.

9. Wayne Rooney

Rooney, still seeing girlfriend Coleen McLoughlin (whom he later married) showed a puzzling preference for older women when he visited a shabby Liverpool brothel in 2004. When 20m worth of striker walked into the brothel, an incredulous fan asked: "What are you doing here?" to which the response was, infamously: "Same as you, la'."

The story came out - and was not contested - that Roonaldo had paid 45 pounds for sex, once with a grandmother whose nickname was Auld Slapper'. Another prostitute said she could produce a note which said: "To Charlotte, I shagged U on 28 Dec, loads of love, Wayne Rooney".

Last week Wayne Rooney scored a goal in Manchester United's 4-0 win over West Ham, is going to the World Cup as England's leading striker and was described by former England captain Bryan Robson as more valuable than Chelsea's Didier Drogba.

8. Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod, as the saying goes, has had more extra-marital affairs than hot dinners. But he does not seem to have suffered with the ongoing revelations, one allegedly involving Madonna (she denied it). The popularity of the New York Yankees third baseman did take a dive when he admitted to steroid use in February this year.

By any measure, Rodriguez's life was a puzzling parade of affairs, strippers, dancers and hookers. He also lied, as did Woods, when faced with allegations of steroid use but came clean and has since taken up the cudgels against steroids.

But it seems the public were less worried about A-Rod's behaviour and the contents of his bathroom cupboard than about his performance. He helped the Yankees win the world series this year - albeit with one puzzling cold spell - and, after his divorce from long-suffering wife Cynthia and clearing his conscience over the steroids, may finally becoming the player that his talent and his record US$270m contract suggested. Yankees fans are warming to a player they often hated for his riches and his lack of performance.

Oh, and he's nearing the all-time mark for the most home runs, currently held by Barry Bonds and he is said to be dating Kate Hudson.

7. David Beckham

Old Goldenballs got into a lot of hot water in the Rebecca Loos affair. Beckham and wife Victoria or Posh Spice are still together and Beckham is still a major force; maybe even shunts Woods out of top spot as the world's most recognised sportsman with an enormous global following.

Loos, in a tell-all tale said the two had "the most explosive sex I've ever had" but turned sour after Beckham allegedly dumped her. Both Beckhams denied her story and said it actually strengthened their marriage.

Beckham, even though near the end of his career, has gone from strength to strength. Loos was last heard of in 2004 when, on a British reality show, she masturbated a pig.

6. Jackie Gallagher-Smith

Weird one, this. Gallagher-Smith is an LPGA professional golfer. In 2005, she was sued by her caddie, Gary Robinson, who said he'd done rather more than put clubs in her bag. Gallagher-Smith, it turned out, was pregnant and Robinson said that the married woman had seduced him after she and her husband could not have a child.

Robinson said the pregnancy made him "an unwitting sperm donor" and sought damages for distress, especially after he was denied access to the child, now being raised by Gallagher-Smith and her husband. Gallagher-Smith has led Bible study groups and is a Christian athlete whose membership of Life Athletes included this pledge: "I will give myself only to that special person I marry as my partner for life." Robinson alleged she would invite him to the Bible study meetings after sex.

Robinson's suit failed, he dropped out of sight and Gallagher-Smith went back to playing golf. She has now earned over US$1.3m in career earnings, though she has played only sporadically this year and has entered fewer tournaments since 2007.

5. Boris Becker

Alleged to have had sex in a broom cupboard in 1999 with a woman who was not his wife at the time, Barbara Feltus. Was mocked countlessly about his nickname "Boom Boom Becker" and the fact the whole business lasted only a nano-second.

But the famous tennis player and Wimbledon champion eventually fronted up, talked about the experience and embarrassment and this year scotched the broom cupboard story - saying it happened on the stairs of a London hotel. Becker initally denied paternity but then admitted it and was awarded joint custody of daughter Anna.

Again, his openness seemed to have back his place in people's hearts and "Bonking Boris" is now a respected columnist on the Daily Telegraph, a TV tennis commentator, owns a tennis and clothing manufacturing business, has re-married and is expecting a baby again.

4. Sir Ian Botham

Cricket's bad boy and one of the great all-rounders, "Beefy" was more than just swashbuckling on the field. Extra-marital affairs - one of which saw him publicly apologise to long-standing and long-suffering wife Kathy - and a brush with cannabis in 1986 saw Botham regarded as a bit of a sporting hooligan.

However, he cleaned up his act and began the first of 11 long distance charity walks with which he has raised more than 10 million pounds for leukaemia research, that led to his knighting in 2007 for his services to cricket and for his fundraising. He is also a respected TV cricket commentator of outspoken views.

3. Shane Warne

Another bad boy cricketer, Warne's indiscretions - including failed drugs tests, allegations of bookmaking scandals and charges of bringing the game into disrepute - are best known for his many marital infidelities and texting misadventures. His also long-suffering wife Simone finally divorced him but there are never-ending reports of them getting back together.

While Warne's strangely compulsive love life should make most people's sympathies lie with Simone, his lasting popularity and his openness in talking about his shortcomings have kept him on the hit list. Now writes cricket for the Times of London, works for the Shane Warne Foundation - which raises funds for ill and underprivileged children - and is also embarking on another career as a professional poker player.

2. Calvin Murphy

Former Rockets NBA basketball star Calvin Murphy fathered 14 children with nine different women in the 70s and 80s, was married to one of them and lived as a common law husband with another. Later, he owned up to making bad life choices (really...?). "You don't have one affair after another like I did," Murphy told "It basically comes under the heading of playing with people's lives."

In 2004, five of the daughters claimed he sexually molested them when they were children. He was acquitted even after the prosecutor said: "He concealed from his own wife for more than 20 years that he has four other families. He's a liar. He's a cheat and he's a child molester."

He now hosts ESPN Radio's Calvin Murphy Show.

1. Kobe Bryant

Maybe the best known sports sex scandal before Woods. In June 2003, Bryant was in Colorado to undergo knee surgery at a Vail orthopedic clinic when the young woman showed him to his hotel room. Police later charged Bryant with sexual assault. Bryant maintained his innocence, saying the sex was consensual. But he was also married, and quickly bought his wife Vanessa a new diamond ring, estimated to be worth US$4 million.

After 14 months of legal wrangling, the prosecution dropped the case when the alleged victim declined to go through with the trial. Bryant's accuser brought a separate civil suit against him that was ultimately settled out of court. He lost lucrative endorsements with McDonalds and Nutella.

However, Kobe Bryant is still playing basketball, earning about US$45 million a year and is enormously popular - leading the LA Lakers to the head of the NBA and winning the game against the Miami Heat last week with a thrilling, last-second three pointer.

In a statement released after the case's dismissal, Bryant said: "I want to apologise to her for my behavior that night and for the consequences she has suffered in the past year... Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did."