England well deserved their 20-12 win over the Kiwis this morning.

The well thought out victory came on the back of a swarming defence that never allowed the Kiwis into their stride.

English coach Tony Smith deserves plenty of credit because he had the courage to make changes in his lineup and also found a way to de-power the Kiwis' forward threat.

If the opposition attacks you with numbers in defence the only way to counter that is to attack from a deeper position or keep shifting the point of the attack.

In essence break down the defensive pattern.

Unfortunately the Kiwis didn't see it that way and the rest is now history.

The Kiwis appeared to be very frustrated by the English relentlessness and were also kept on the back foot by a well thought out aerial bombardment.

When coach Stephen Kearney reviews the Kiwi campaign he will realise that the intensity levels of the three games the Kiwis played in this tournament were very different and in the end cost them a spot in the final against Australia next week.

In the first match against the Aussies even though it was a draw the Kiwis were outstanding in every aspect. Against France, while they enjoyed a big win, the energy levels were not as good and it seemed to me that emotionally they were a little off this morning.

But there is a lot Kearney can be happy with and he now has at his disposal a big squad of very good players for the future.

Hindsight is an important tool for coaches and I'm confident Kearney will use this well now his planning is underway for the defence of the World Cup in 2011.

England had too much skill for the Kiwis today but impressively they also stole the physicality component of the game as well.

They got stuck into and came out on top of the Kiwi forwards.

The Kiwis' venom Australia felt in the opening game was not there and that is one of the main reasons of the loss.

England's antidote for any Kiwi venom that may have come into the game was to pile as many players as possible into each tackle.

This seemed to drain the world champions but it also allowed England to show the great skill and footwork some of their young players have.

They are a very well balanced side and have given the Four Nations marketing team the final they were hoping for. The old enemies - England up against Australia.

But for England to have any chance in the final they have to improve on the win over the Kiwis.

Australia would have struggled against the Kiwis had they made the final but probably feel quietly confident against England.

England is the side that has shown the most improvement in the tournament but they will need even more if they are to record an upset win over the Kangaroos in the final.

New Zealand's hopes went out the window because England simply out played them.