China has bought 5 per cent of the Ukraine's land to farm, as demand for food grows. The deal is initially for 100,000ha - an area about the size of Hong Kong - and increasingly to 3 million hectares (the size of Belgium) over the next 50 years. The land will be used mainly for growing crops and raising pigs. The deal, estimated as worth $2.6 billion, is an unprecedented foreign investment for Ukraine's agricultural industry. China already has about 2 million hectares of overseas farmland. (Source: South China Morning Post)
Alien investors
Twitter diva @CateOwen asks her followers: "And who owns all the homes in Auckland?! Who is actually pushing the prices up?"
Answer 1: "I know a couple who have retired to Central Otago who own over 200 homes in Auckland."
Answer 2: "Investors - my landlord owns about 50. Owned by a trust, of course."
Answer 3: "I'm not saying its aliens but ... Aliens."
Avoid the blurs - don't smile
Doug of Dannemora, 75, (with half a century of experience as a professional photographer) writes: "In early times, the photographic emulsions of glass plates, which recorded the image, and later, film emulsions, had very low sensitivity to light, so that the weak daylight diffusing into the photographer's studio required the subjects to remain absolutely still for long periods while the exposure was made. Up to one and two minutes was quite common. Any movement, or even the slightest change of position during this time would cause the photograph to be blurred, and therefore useless. This explains why you will sometimes see groups of people recorded just fine, but dogs and other animals in the picture are blurred. Try keeping a dog motionless for two minutes. Holding an engaging smile for two minutes or more while remaining immobile was also quite difficult. For this reason, photographers often used head clamps to hold the subject's head absolutely still."

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