Kiwis on Mars: This shot was taken by the Nasa rover, Curiosity.

Granny can sure pick them

Overheard at the supermarket checkout ...

Little Old Lady: (to checkout guy) "You know, you're a very handsome young man, and you can hold down a job. That's a good thing."


Checkout guy: "Thank you, ma'am."

(The lady then chats in a very friendly manner to him. While she's placing her groceries on the conveyor.)

Little Old Lady: "So, I think my granddaughter would be perfect for you. She's just turned 19, she has a nice job of her own, and she's pretty. You boys like redheads, right?"

Checkout guy: (dazed look)

Little Old Lady: "You really should meet her. I just know you two would be perfect for each other! I know these things! Would you like to meet my Linda?"

Checkout guy: "Ma'am, I'm gay."

(The little old lady just blinks and smiles.)

Little Old Lady: "Okay, so you need to meet my grandson instead!"



World's stingiest man meets world's most-honest taxi driver

A taxi driver in Dubai who returned Dh36,000 ( $11,800) to a passenger who left it in his cab received a reward of Dh10 ($3.30) in return. But the small reward doesn't bother him, says Shaaban Ali, the Pakistani cab driver. Ali took the bag, which also contained the man's passport, to the man's office. "He told me thank you and handed me Dh10," said Ali, with a smile. "I have to admit I felt a little bad because I spent a lot of time trying to track the passenger down and even spent more than an hour waiting at our office for him to come and collect the money. But I would have returned the money with or without the reward, so it doesn't matter." (Source:

Cinema staff just following orders

On the case of the father of the 15-year-old boy who was turned away from an R15 movie because he didn't have photo ID, a former Events Cinemas staff member writes: "I can confirm that we all hate this law too. But we are legally obliged to follow the rating regardless of who is seeing the movie with the minor. It's ridiculous because even if a mother came in with her 3-day-old child to see an R18 movie we still can't sell the ticket. It's a complete pain and it seems so ridiculous. We all used to hate it when an R13 or an R15 came out because not many 13- or 15-year-olds have a photo ID"

The little woman still always wants the best of the best


"I'm not convinced that the kitchen advert your reader refers to is as sexist or old-fashioned as it may seem," says Andrew. "With the increase in all of these cooking shows on television, many women I know see cooking and baking as a hobby rather than a chore, and they naturally have to have all of the expensive, top-of-the range ovens, saucepans, knives, mixers and all sorts of other gadgets. So it follows that they would also love a flash, new refurbished kitchen."