Mark writes: "The towie commented, when he noticed me taking the photo, that he was just returning an item to Repco and that he had the contract for towing erring vehicles from the car park. Do as I say, not as I do."

Pistol-whipping for kids

Parents of students at England's Gartocham Primary School were impressed to learn that Alan Bell, the chief starter of the London Olympics, would be firing his starter's pistol for races at the school's annual sports day. But local health and safety officials were not so keen on the idea and banned Bell from firing the pistol, saying it could frighten the children. (Source:

Exotic sound of South Seas


The tacky tiki rip-off in yesterday's column reminded a reader of a store she discovered in Barcelona ... "a casual clothing label called 'New Zealand Auckland'. There was no connection to Auckland that I could see and no particular Kiwi influence on the clothing design - just a name that seemed reasonably exotic to the locals."

Stop means, er, STOP!

A driver writes: "There is a definite need for cast-iron rules in driver tests, or at least a clear understanding by both parties of what is expected and what is acceptable. A friend of mine was failed because she 'didn't brake hard enough' at a red light. Like most of us, she slowed down and came to a gentle stop. The instructor turned to her and said, 'I didn't feel the vehicle come to a stop'. So of course at the next stop she stomped on the brakes and came to a screeching halt."