Dave took this picture of a menu special offer in Dubai, at a restaurant which is part of a shooting range. "The deal is: you get a mix of food and bullets for an all-in price of 150 dirhams ($50). This gives you 25 bullets (9mm) to shoot plus a choice of hamburger, sausage sandwich or even a vegetable puff. Weird contrasts like this are everywhere in Dubai."

It's a strange old world ...
1. In Germany, a 61-year-old woman has been fined the equivalent of almost $1250 for assault. Frustrated by telemarketers' constantly cold-calling her, she took it out on one by blowing a whistle into the telephone, allegedly causing permanent damage to the telemarketer's hearing.

2. A Chinese farmer caused chaos on roads in the eastern city of Taizhou when he took his flock of 5000 ducks to a pond, 1.2km down the road, armed with nothing but a cane.

Shopper's perfect timing
Ashley writes: "Like the garage sale coincidence, I was at Countdown some time ago buying three bottles of spicy garlic sauce. The customer behind me remarked loudly that I must like the sauce. I said I did, and that it was hard to get in New Zealand so whenever I saw it for sale I grabbed lots. He then handed me his card. He was the CEO of the company that made it, and on holiday in New Zealand. I got some free bottles of the sauce from him a few weeks later!"


In praise of technology teachers
After the Government's change of heart about the culling of technology teachers, this reader is pleased, and explains why: "At a technology class in Dargaville in 1946, aged 12 years, I made a shaving cabinet, complete with mirror, using rimu wood. Sixty-six years later, this cabinet still holds pride of place in my bathroom. I still marvel at how beautifully finished it is. This is due entirely to my tech teacher, Mr Gus Tetley. He taught us how to make things and monitored our work so that everything we made was up to his standard. It was a most valuable learning experience."