Lookalikes: RadioLive hosts John Tamihere and Willie Jackson turned up to work on Friday in the same turtleneck jumpers. Apparently their wives went shopping together.

Pray be seated, males urged

Politicians in Sweden are calling for new rules to ban men from urinating while standing up. The local Left Party on the Sormland County Council wants men to sit down to pee in council toilets. The socialist and feminist party claims that urinating seated is more hygienic for men, reports The Local newspaper. The party says that decreases the likelihood of puddles and is better for men's health by more effectively emptying the bladder.

Birds wolf-whistle back


"We have many tui in our garden at Half Moon Bay which we feed every day," writes Julie Utting. "I heard they mimic other birds, so for the last few months I have been wolf-whistling at them. Now when I walk out into the garden they start wolf-whistling at me. It's fantastic, makes my day."

Hangover hell cured for a fee

The "Hangover Heaven" medical bus fleet launched in Las Vegas this year offers a faster, clinically proper recovery from a night on the sauce for a $90 to $150 fee. The seedy receive intravenous saline, with B and C vitamins and whatever prescription or over-the-counter drugs are appropriate, says Dr Jason Burke, an anaesthetist. No drunks are served; the patient must be in the "hangover" stage. One doctor, who hosts a radio show, told CBS News: "I think many doctors are kicking themselves because they didn't think of this first." (Source: CBS News)

Cyclist tells different story

"I recognised the cyclist criticised in Friday's photo as myself," writes a reader. "It's a good example of a photo not telling the true story. You may see a street on the left. The car in question (which I was aware of) had its indicator on to turn left. I had moved towards the centre of the road to give the car plenty of room to turn left. We were in a fairly big group so the car would have had to slow down and would only have been able to turn left after we had all cleared the intersection. I would like to add that the group I ride in practise safe riding, calling 'Car Back' as cars approach behind. Normally we would 'drop' to single file as far left as possible but in this instance I had moved right so as to cause as little inconvenience to the car as possible."

Plea to letter finder

Could the reader from Tauranga who found two letters from 1963 and 1964 addressed to Miss Ann McLean please contact Sideswipe again. Thanks.