"The salmon and cream cheese sandwiches at New World Victoria Park fail dismally in their claim to cater for 'those that expect a bit more'," writes Mark Taylor.

Toot if I'm naked

"During my first pregnancy, I lived on Glenfield Rd above the mall in a two-storey unit, which happened to be in full view of passing traffic," writes a reader. "Being heavily pregnant in mid-summer, I still enjoyed walking daily but got incredibly tired and over-heated. Home alone, I would often undress completely and cool down lying under the fan. Going to sleep mid-afternoon and waking close to peak hour was the norm. One afternoon, I awoke to the phone ringing; my best friend had rung for a good catch-up. As we talked, I wandered outside and stood on the upstairs landing. I was aware of a few toots, but then a female passerby stopped and stared open-mouthed. I relayed to my friend how odd this woman's attention was ... until suddenly the penny dropped. I was completely and utterly naked."

Put it down to user error


When BBC News needed an image to represent the United Nations Security Council on a news bulletin, its staff probably did an image search on Google, and unfortunately, rather than use the actual logo for the United Nations Security Council, they ended up using a logo of the fictitious United Nations Space Command from Microsoft's computer game Halo.

A royal upset

"As a loyal subject of Her Majesty I find it treasonous that I cannot watch the historic flotilla on the River Thames free to air," writes Terry, "that I have to pay the Murdoch/Sky/Fellet triumvirate dosh to see what is my birthright. There are many like me who cannot afford, or do not want, Sky."

iPhone, free to original home

While out walking the dog at the Orakei Basin on Wednesday afternoon, Trevor Crawford found an iPhone on the grass. Being a good sort, he would like the owner to get it back. Email Sideswipe if you think it's yours.