Geoff can't understand the hullabaloo about our desperate need for a convention centre, when we've got one. "I can't believe SkyCity doesn't know this because it's in one of its buildings."

Modern spin on cliches
TV3's wise guy Ali Ikram asked punters on Twitter for some revamped cliches. Here are some of the best:

* Don't throw the baby out with the dishwasher.

* The grass is always greener with the help of Photoshop.


* A gin a day keeps the dentist away.

* An apple a day will just about maintain your rep as an early adopter.

* Most old dogs fail to meet even basic NCEA-level unit standards.

* Think outside the hexagon.

* It's just a thunderstorm in a cup of tea.

* That's how the Weet-Bix crumbles.

Tea miser
"My father reused tea bags. When he'd make tea for guests he'd put the tea bags on to a saucer and would use them for the next guests. As he isn't a tea drinker he had no idea how horrible the second cup tasted."

Summer of hate
"Someone I know (of the older generation) was wearing a shirt and told me he hated it," writes Ian. "When asked why he was wearing it then, he said he had another shirt he liked, but wouldn't wear it until he had worn out this one because it was a perfectly good shirt. He wore the shirt all summer trying to wear it out."

Tip for restaurant staff
A reader writes: "As a former floor supervisor and wait staff, I never expected a tip, but received more than my fair share. I worked hard to ensure the happiness of the patrons during their experience. If the patron tipped, I was happy. If they didn't, I still got paid at the end of the day. Waiting tables is hard, thankless work. However, if a waiter asks where is the tip they have not deserved it."

Share of the trough
Rob Bailey reckons if corporate diners spend $250 a head for a group of 20, "is it any wonder that the waiter would want to get his share of action at the trough?"

Caught out
If it's too good to be true ... Yesterday's picture was a Photoshop gag, says one reader who used to live near the real eatery, which is called Herbies Pizza.