There's a lot of hoo-ha about the New Zealand's rivalry with Australian in the media. It's as if the baby boomers are hanging on to that underarm incident a little too long...Sure there's rivalry, but it's not sporting any more. These days it's economic. Thousands of us move to Australia each year for higher wages, better jobs, financial help to buy a house or have a kid; for a lifestyle of sunshine and snakes. But is the rivalry real or imagined (or manufactured)? When I overheard a friend on the phone, I wondered if all the Aussie bashing was a bit outdated: "I'm not going to go into a tailspin of depression if the All Blacks don't win the Rugby World Cup; I've got no job, a massive mortgage, a young family and we're heading into another bloody recession...Chances are I'll end up living there wearing green and gold to the next Rugby World Cup."

Video: If you need a bit of a pep talk before the All Black semi final, here's Al Pacino's speech from the movie Any Given Sunday with some stirring slow-mo footage of the All Blacks...

Satire Win: The Corporate Colouring Book is a scathing and hilarious take on corporate America More here.

That's fairly interesting: True stories behind bad album covers.
Freaked out: Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada is a local attraction for people who enjoy being terrified and losing control of their bladder. To market themselves staff have started sharing pictures of their customers snapped the moment they get the fright of their lives. Go here to browse the brilliant gallery.

Quick clip: Rock fall in Cornwall.
Awesomeness: Do you know what Air Swimmers are? Remote controlled fish that glide through the air...Put this on your Christmas list kids!


Movies: Cinema cliché..."You Just Don't Get It, Do You?"

Video: A re-edit of a couple of classic 80s relationship-advice tapes. No wonder it was the decade for divorce.

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