Adjusted sign, strangely on the corner of Crematorium Rd, Levin.

Dedicated to working out

A reader wonders if he's worked out who won the big Lotto prize: "This from the Herald yesterday from the $33 million winner. 'When I heard it was still unclaimed, I thought, you know, it could be me. But I still went straight to the gym before checking my tickets. I thought, well, if I've just won $33 million I might not be able to concentrate on getting my exercise done afterwards. I guess I didn't really think it would be me.' Sounds a lot like Cameron Leslie, who was at an Oslo gym when a blast happened. He told Campbell Live in 2011 he was on the 'eighth repetition of a 165kg bench-press', and after being told there had been an explosion, finished his exercise routine before leaving. 'Naturally, I finished my set,' he told Campbell."

Billy T tells it how it is


Following our thread on cutting insults and comebacks, a reader was reminded of a Billy T. James skit where a woman was taking a dig at his weight and said snootily, "If that stomach was on a woman she'd be pregnant", to which he replied, "Yeah well, it has been and she is".

Feat of imagination needed

Best real estate overstatement comes from an LJ Hooker Blockhouse Bay listing which opened with, "With New Lynn town centre becoming the Manhatten [sic] of West Auckland ..." (Veronica Schmidt via Twitter)

Billboard antics

A reader writes: "Hooray for some local government billboard vandals. I wish they could have a go at some on the North Shore. A group of councillors, all of whom claim to have the interests of the Shore at heart, have sullied Takapuna Beach by putting their posters on it. Ah well, at least I know who not to vote for."

Murderer wedded to Destiny

The bride wore white; the groom wore shackles. The marriage of Danne Desbrow and his fiancee Destiny came just minutes after he was sentenced to 53 years to life in prison for murder, reports newspaper U-T San Diego. San Diego Superior Court Judge Patricia Cookson officiated at both events and even baked a cake, the newspaper said. Desbrow was sentenced for the 2003 killing of Kevin Santos. His lawyer argued Desbrow was defending himself in a fight. Desbrow and Destiny met at high school, but lost contact after she became pregnant at 16. They reunited in January after the mother tracked down Desbrow to jail so their son could meet his father. After sentencing Desbrow, members of the victim's family were escorted out of the courtroom and Cookson married the couple. She then presented them with slices of cake that Destiny Desbrow told the newspaper the judge baked. (Source: AP)