Just a slight feeling of insecurity

Lisa writes: "Saturday night in Glen Eden a guy comes to my house at around 9pm and raps on the door. I lean out from the first-floor window and say, "can I help you?" The guy says he's from a security firm and he was going around telling people in our complex that there have been a lot of break-ins. I said thanks and that I'd double-check everything was locked up. I then called the police. On Sunday afternoon, I get another knock on the door, and same thing and same guy who says he's from the security firm and that they are having a special. I made a face, said no and told him to go. I'm a single female, living alone. Imagine if this thing happened to an elderly person or someone with cause to be frightened by this incredibly cynical business practice?"

Cultural 'cleansing' of Buddha continues

Buddha statues are now viewed the same as Barbie dolls and The Simpsons figures and have been banned in Iran. Authorities are confiscating Buddha statues from shops in the Iranian capital, Tehran, to stop the promotion of Buddhism in the country. Keeping retail free of Barbie is to reduce Western influence, but this is the first opposition to symbols from the East. One newspaper quoted an official for the protection of Iran's cultural heritage calling the Buddha statues symbols of "cultural invasion" and that the "cleansing" would continue. Iranians buy Buddha's statues to decorate their homes and cars. Some Islamists view statues as a way to promote idols. (Source: SFGate)


Let me tell ya about the birds 'n' bees

Awkward chats about "birds 'n' bees" with children:

1. "Our 7-year-old daughter: 'Mum, can I ask you a question?' 'Of course, darling'. 'How long does sexual inkertourse last?' A bit taken aback, I said 'Well, sometimes it takes a long time, and sometimes it's shorter.' 'Mum, how long?' I tried a few more vague answers and eventually said 'Go and ask your father'. Right off, he said 'Two minutes, 38 seconds.' "Our daughter chirped 'Thanks, Dad!' and that was the end of the conversation."

2. Michael writes: "50 years ago I was a supervisor in an office of a group of young women my age. One morning tea, someone brought up how she first heard about the 'facts of life', which caused another lass to say 'I could accept that my parents did it that way, but I couldn't believe that the Queen did'."

(Source: SMH Column 8)

Picture this: Jail Turned Into Luxury Hotel...

Local: This new ad for Academy Cinemas wouldn't go down too well in the US...

Bulletproof Boaties: Gary spotted this boat at Station Bay, Motutapu. "Seriously, 7 adults, 2 children and a dog and only one in a life jacket." he exclaims.

Badvertising: Unappealing literal metaphor for an online dating site...(I hope she was paid handsomely)

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