Q: I have run a small portfolio of shares over the past 10 years, trying to save for my retirement. It is a mixture of index funds and share picks.

With the Covid crisis, and all the money printing going on, I was wondering whether traditional financial planning principles still hold.

Kiwis can now use bitcoin to buy a Coke

I have become interested in either gold or even bitcoin as a hedge. The more I read about bitcoin, the more I think it will grow thanks to more people around the world not having a bank account but having a phone.

Do you think putting 1 to 2 per cent of my portfolio into bitcoin would be a good hedge? I've got used to the volatility of the markets. I know there is no rhyme or reason to bitcoin going up and down.

A: I don't know. I've read about bitcoin, but I don't really "get" it enough to invest in it. But you sound braver or — if you don't mind my saying — perhaps madder.


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