1:30 PM

The recent bad weather is being blamed for today's sudden postponement of the one-off Ricky Martin concert in Auckland.

The Latin pop sensation was due to perform at Ericsson Stadium tonight, but concert promoters have been forced to postpone the concert until tomorrow.

Irate fans who have travelled to Auckland from all over the country are angry they will now have to pay for new flights and accommodation.


Publicist Lynn Smart said construction staff have simply been unable to complete the stage in time because of high winds and driving rain this week.

She said Ricky Martin insists on everything begin 100% for his concerts and the stage simply wasn't safe.

Ticketek has been inundated with calls from fans, but is reassuring them that all tickets are still valid for tomorrow night's show.

However, an angry fan phoned an Auckland radio

station this afternoon claiming Ticketek will not be refunding tickets of people unable to attend tomorrow's show.

When contacted by the Herald Online, a Ticketek employee said no refunds would be available.

A Ticketek spokesperson later said it is the promoter who decides whether or not tickets will be refunded and that "at this stage, it is unclear what the policy of the promoter is on that issue."

- IRN, Herald Online Staff