National Party candidate William Wood is often noted for his age. At 18, he is one of the youngest candidates at this year's election, having beaten several other older people for the role, including current list MP Jo Hayes.

Born and bred in Palmerston North, he is currently studying a Bachelor of Business, and has represented New Zealand as a youth diplomat.

"I have been one of our country's top youth policy developers," said Wood. "As a youth MP working on policy around how we better integrate the public sector in the private sector, and dealing with issues like intergenerational poverty."

In this Local Focus video, Wood, says he wants to see greater diversity in Parliament.


"No age group, no matter how old you are, has a monopoly on good ideas. There are some young people with good ideas, just as there are plenty of older people with good ideas and what I want to see in Parliament, a diverse range of thinking," he said.

Also standing in the Palmerston North electorate:
• Darroch Ball for NZ First
• David Poppelwell for the New Conservatives
• Jack Phillips for Act

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