National Party leader Judith Collins has lashed out after two billboards were stolen from her Auckland electorate.

Collins took to Twitter this morning to lambast her political opponents who she says are responsible for the theft of wood and hoardings in Papakura.

"Two hoardings and all the wood stolen in Papakura," she wrote.

"Has been reported to the police. We expect they will turn up on Election Day in contravention of the rules. Stupid behaviour from our opponents."


However, the accusations didn't go down well with many of her followers who accused her of making the claims without any factual basis.

"Why do you choose to make allegations without fact? It's kind of embarrassing, NZers want their politicians to focus on real issues," one wrote, while another said "A strong accusation against your opponents Judith. What evidence do you have that it is your opponents?"

Another took the opportunity to test her sense of humour, writing "Sorry I can't see your eyebrows to know if you're just joking or not."

The comment is in regards to Collins telling media earlier in the week that people can tell she's joking when she raises her eyebrow.