The manager of Faraday Centre is calling for volunteers to help it open longer after a member of the public left an abusive note for staff because it was closed.

The Napier attraction is Hawke's Bay's Museum of Technology, and the centre's hours of operation are publicly accessible.

But one member of the public took umbrage to the fact the centre was closed on Thursday, a day it is normally closed on, and decided to write about the inconvenience caused.

The note was seen by Napier woman Holly Evans while walking past.


It read: "Bunch of jerks. You think you be open, school holidays. Bring grand kids over from Hastings and you jerks are closed." (sic)

The note was spotted by Holly Evans. Photo / Supplied
The note was spotted by Holly Evans. Photo / Supplied

The centre is managed by the Napier City Council and a council spokeswoman said the centre did not have extra volunteer capacity during the school holidays.

"While the council sympathises with the frustration felt by the person who left the note, the Faraday Centre is run on a shoestring by volunteers and that is why there are limited opening hours."

Sharyn Phillips, Faraday Centre manager, said the centre had 18 volunteers who worked different days and shifts.

"The note will make us rethink the hours and days we are open on.

"We'd already increased the number of hours last year, but we might have to increase them again.

"It's simple - if we get more public coming in, we'll need more volunteers."

Phillips hadn't read the note herself but understood the staff had seen it as well as Evans.


"I don't think it was okay for the person to write the note, but they probably just needed a coffee."

The collection at the centre is owned by the Hawke's Bay Museums Trust, and the upkeep of the collection is continuous, so the centre always needs more volunteers, she said.

"They must have a passion for museums, Hawke's Bay history and love talking to people."

People interested in volunteering can go to the centre's Facebook page to get more details.