Public buses are being diverted in Auckland due to the huge queues of traffic around Covid-19 testing stations.

Auckland Transport is warning passengers at least four bus stops are shut in East Auckland this morning because of the traffic congestion.

They include two on Millhouse Drive and two on Botany Rd.

The bus company says buses will be diverted southbound along Botany Rd between Golfland Rd and Kurnell Drive but will be missing the temporarily shut stops.


It is warning people wanting to catch public transport to allow extra time to make their journeys.

The routes affected in Botany were 72M and 735.

Police confirmed they have had reports of built-up traffic around Ridge Rd in Botany.

Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan said nose-to-tail queues at the Mt Albert testing station in St Luke's Rd had also forced changes to one bus route.

Hannan said the outbound journey of the 20 route, which runs from St Luke's to Wynyard Quarter, was bypassing St Luke's Rd and running a block over on Sainsbury Rd before joining Morningside Dr.

This meant the bus did not have to compete with the lines of traffic now snarling up St Luke's Rd.