Slain police officer Constable Matthew Hunt was once confronted by an offender with a knife and calmly convinced the offender to put the weapon down.

There was a common theme to the policeman, said National MP Mark Mitchell, who last night joined Hunt's police section, friends and colleagues to support one another and talk through the tragedy.

"He was a deeply kind young man and no one could recount a time when Matt had a bad word for anyone. He was known for his calm and considerate approach to his policing," Mitchell said in a tribute on Facebook.

"He had developed the art of de-escalating tense or potentially violent situations.


"One story was an incident he had attended where he was confronted by an offender armed with a knife.

"Although he would have been completely justified in using other tactical options he used calm, clear direct communication to completely de-escalate the situation and have the offender put the knife down," said Mitchell, the MP for Rodney and former policeman.

Mark Mitchell, National Party MP for Rodney and former policeman. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell, National Party MP for Rodney and former policeman. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Mitchell said Hunt was much-loved by his police family and his community, saying his love, thoughts and prayers are with his family.

"It is an appropriate time to remember that our police officers are us. They are mums and dads, brothers and sisters, and in some cases grandparents. When they aren't protecting our communities they are volunteers in our surf clubs, rotary or lions clubs, coaching sports teams, volunteering to run youth events or being White Ribbon ambassadors like the ribbon proudly displayed on Matt's chest.

"They are our thin blue line. They run to face danger when others are running from it. They are us, " Mitchell said.