Award-winning cartoonist Rod Emmerson has spent some of his time in lockdown giving out precious tips and advice for aspiring scribblers.

Emmerson, who has been the editorial cartoonist for the New Zealand Herald since 2003, has won numerous awards for his cartoons and has decided to share some tips with those inclined to try their hand at cartooning while "locked down" at home.

Draw like a pro - a few tips from the man himself.

The Herald cartoonist has been sharing his secrets on Twitter and invites anyone with questions to send him a message.

Emmerson says his four "short 'n quick cartoon and caricature tips for Scribblers are the result of an obvious demand to help the many frustrated drawers out there in lockdown".


"There's plenty of artists and musicians doing precisely the same," he told the Herald.

Cartoonist Rod Emmerson. Photo / Doug Sherring
Cartoonist Rod Emmerson. Photo / Doug Sherring

"The response to these has been rather extraordinary, as I'm sure it is for all the artists pitching in. The quick guide on drawing Boris Johnson had over 98,000 views and 12K engagements alone in 24hrs. But I'm not counting - if even one person gains something from it, then it's been a success.

"It's just one way to reach out to people everywhere and perhaps put a smile on their dial."

Twitter users have been loving the tips.

"Rob please keep putting these gems out on at least a daily basis. I'd give my left arm to be a prof. caricaturist. So show more please please please," one person commented.

"This is really awesome! Thank you! From an amateur scribbler," another person said.