Stargazers may have noticed a new line up in the skies over the past few nights.

The line of lights are SpaceX's Starlink satellites, courtesy of space entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Sixty satellites were released using the Falcon 9 rocket in Florida early last week, and Dunedin will be able to view the latest string of lights at 10.13pm tomorrow night.

This was the fifth Starlink collection to be launched as part of a plan to create a high-speed internet broadband network, which is estimated to be completed by 2027.


The string of satellites will orbit at an operational altitude of 550km, and will be easily visible to the naked eye on a clear night.

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SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk said to the Starlink network would need around 400 satellites to provide a minor internet coverage around the world, while 800 would be needed for moderate internet coverage.

The Starlink crossed over the Remutaka Ranges in Wellington last night at 10pm. Photo / Ricky Situ
The Starlink crossed over the Remutaka Ranges in Wellington last night at 10pm. Photo / Ricky Situ

There are now 300 Starlink satellites in orbit, with plans to launch more than 1000 satellites this year.

Satellite tracker site Find Starlink shows where and when the satellites will be visible, as well as viewing times for earlier Starlink satellite launches from the past three months.

Weather permitting, Auckland will be able to view satellites from previous missions this week in the southwest sky on Thursday at 5.46am and 9.39pm, and Friday at 8.54pm.

In the capital, the first and second Starlink missions will be visible tomorrow at 9.13pm, Thursday at 5.47am and 9.38pm, and Friday at 4.56am.

Christchurch had a premium view of the latest mission last night at 10.04pm, but will be able to see the older missions at 10.22pm tonight, 9.12pm tomorrow, and 5.47am and 9.37pm on Friday.