Less than a day after the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the September 19 election date, National leader Simon Bridges is already teasing major election announcements.

He also appears to be playing down any suggestion that National could form a coalition with New Zealand First to form a Government if given the opportunity.

But he remains tight-lipped on making an official announcement, telling media this morning only that he would rule NZ First in, or out, "very soon".

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His comments come just days before the party's annual retreat at Havelock North this weekend.

Speaking to the AM Show this morning, Bridges confirmed that one of National's election policies would be tax cuts.

"Later this year, you will see a tax relief package from us."

This, however, is unsurprising – given Bridges and other senior National MPs have teased a tax cut policy before.

National also promised tax cuts before the 2017 election, while it was in Government.

Although Bridges confirmed National would campaign on "tax relief", he gave little away as to what form of tax cuts his party would promise.

He said New Zealanders deserve tax cuts, given rents have increased, as have petrol prices.

"[People] feel like even though they're working harder, they have less money in their pocket."


He also promised if he becomes Prime Minister, National would not implement any new petrol taxes in its first term.

He said he would "definitely" get rid of the regional fuel tax.

Meanwhile, Bridges is not sounding upbeat about any potential political marriage with NZ First after September 19.

He won't rule out working with the party yet. Instead, he said he would make an announcement "very soon".

NZ First leader Winston Peters Photo / Mark Mitchell
NZ First leader Winston Peters Photo / Mark Mitchell

NZ First has been in a coalition with Labour since the 2017 election.

Asked what being in a coalition with NZ First Leader Winston Peters would be like, Bridges said: "Just ask Jacinda Ardern".

He suggested that Peters was holding up a decision on Ihumātao and slowing Government progress down on a range of other issues.

The pair often clash in the media and in Parliament – Peters has called Bridges a "badly bred dog" and has even threatened legal action against him.

Bridges consistently refers to the NZ First Leader as "old Naughty" when they spar in the House.