Fire and Emergency crews have been called to another potential fire at an apartment building just down the road from the massive SkyCity inferno.

Police confirmed they had been notified of a fire job at the Barclays Suites building on Albert St, with smoke reported in the building.

It was not clear if there was a fire, a spokeswoman said.

Frenchman Andre Routier, in New Zealand to work on the City Rail Link, came back to his room on the 15th floor to see smoke inside.


"As I arrived I heard the alarm. I opened my door and saw a lot of smoke, white smoke, inside my room. I don't know what happened, don't know if there was a fire. I just closed my room, didn't stay anymore.

"I feel a bit worried for my belongings inside, my computer, medication."

An elderly couple who were staying at the Barclay told the Herald they evacuated when they heard the alarm go off but were unsure if there was a fire.

A witness said there were five fire trucks at the scene and firefighters are going into the Barclay Suites with what appeared to be oxygen tanks on their backs.