New Zealand's measles outbreak has been exported to the United States, according to American authorities.

A report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this month lists New Zealand as the source for two of the cases of measles imported into the US this year, more than the number that had come from significantly large countries such as China or Australia.

The US had experienced 1249 cases of measles and 22 outbreaks this year, with 81 cases imported from other countries.

That compares to the 1694 cases here. There are 1383 cases in the Auckland region alone, according to the Ministry of Health.


National Party health spokesman Shane Reti said the scale of New Zealand's problem showed the Government had been slow to act and said vaccinations for those who needed them were still being delayed.

"New Zealand now has a measles outbreak bigger than all of the US, is exporting cases abroad, and yet we still don't have enough vaccines to ensure everyone is protected," he said.

"The Government missed the early warning signs: three measles outbreaks in the first two months of this year and a warning from the World Health Organisation in April.

Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter said an 100,000 vaccines had arrived in the country, and were being checked for distribution early next week.

"More than double the amount of vaccines have been delivered this year, and we are on track for even more people to get immunised," she said.

The US figures include cases of measles that were brought back by Americans visiting overseas. US tourists to New Zealand numbered more than 300,000 last year.