Rotorua mayoral candidate Dennis Curtis is standing for what he calls "key issues of urgency", which he says are poverty, housing, rates, project management, health and the environment.

In his Local Focus video interview, Curtis said people wanted to know why rates are increasing over the next six years.

"The key is that the spend we are going to do over that period of time with those rates is prudent. There's a lot of spend that's going to go beyond the means of meeting our debt."

Speaking about big budget projects around town, Curtis wouldn't say if they're right or wrong.


"There should have been better consideration around what those funds should have been attributed to."

If elected mayor Curtis says the first thing he'll do is visit "every community".

"Wherever there's a community hall I will go. I'll remove every commitment out of the diary and go to the communities first, and work my way back in."

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