Destiny Church's Hannah Tamaki has applied to register a new political party called Vision NZ, after her application to register her party under the name "The Coalition Party" was refused.

In a public notice, the Electoral Commission – the body in charge of the election rules and regulations – said it was now considering the application and the party logo.

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The logo has the word "Vision" sitting on top of a large "V" with a Māori pattern inside the block letter.

The proposed Vision NZ logo, now being considered by the Electoral Commission.
The proposed Vision NZ logo, now being considered by the Electoral Commission.

The Electoral Commission is inviting anyone who wishes to provide feedback on the party name, or logo, to do so before October 16.

In August, the Electoral Commission ruled that the proposed name and logo of the "Coalition Party" could mislead or confuse voters and blocked it from being registered.

"The word coalition has a specific meaning in elections and politics and means a grouping or alliance of multiple parties," a spokesperson from the commission said.

"Under MMP, governments are usually coalitions and it is common to refer to governments as 'the coalition'," a spokesperson for the commission said.

Apart from the name and logo, all other parts of the party's application to be officially registered were in order.

The commission invited the party to reapply for registration with a different name and logo, which it has now done.

It was not the first time the Tamakis have run into trouble with their party name.

Soon after Hannah Tamaki unveiled the name, the website domain was bought by someone unaffiliated with the party.


Comedian Tim Batt purchased, which redirected through to a TVNZ clip on YouTube of the podcast The Male Gayz, hosted by Chris Parker and Eli Matthewson and produced by Batt.

In May, Tamaki was announced as the leader of the Coalition New Zealand party – a party based on "family values" and not associated with Destiny Church.

Speaking at the launch of the party, Hannah Tamaki's husband Brian – who is also the pastor of Destiny – promised the party would be a "vehicle for the silent majority" to express their beliefs.

Hannah Tamaki had said the party was not looking for a "backroom deal" and planned on reaching the 5 per cent threshold of votes needed for a party to get into Parliament without having an electorate seat.

She wouldn't say which electorate she planned to stand in.