Health authorities are trying to trace people who may have been in contact with a measles patient whose travels included visits to Wanaka, Queenstown, Winton, and to a concert and student hall of residence in Dunedin.

The measles patient travelled through Otago and Southland while infectious, Southern District Health Board medical officer of health Susan Jack said yesterday.

"There is a focus on tracing people who may have been in contact with a known case, and isolating them if they are unimmunised or under-immunised," Dr Jack said.

Health officials are struggling to contain a nationwide outbreak of measles.


As of yesterday, there had been 1327 confirmed cases in New Zealand, with 1108 of those in the Auckland region.

Dr Jack said the number of confirmed cases in the southern region stood at 23, with 22 being Central Otago residents.

Limited supplies of measles vaccine are available at general practices; children, followed by important local cases, are being given priority for immunisation.

Were You There?

Confirmed places visited by infectious measles patient:

Sept 8: Wanaka. New World (midday)
Sept 9: Queenstown. Halo Cafe, Bulls And Bangles (morning), Madame Woo (evening)
Sept 11: Dunedin. The Noodle Box, Arana Residential College (evening)
Sept 12: Dunedin. Starfish Cafe (morning), New World City Centre (midday), Hybrid Mines
concert, Union Hall (evening), Dunedin Social Club (late evening)
Sept 13: Night And Day Octagon, Arana (early morning). Hell Pizza North Dunedin (early
afternoon). Winton. Winton Pharmacy, New World (evening)