Kiritahi Firmin says standing for Whanganui District Health Board and Whanganui District Council is about bringing experience and diversity to the table.

"This is my second time I've given it a go," Firmin said.

"I said to many who were disappointed that I didn't get in [last election], that I received 3200-ish votes. But I said to our people, friends, colleagues - I'm going to stand again. I'm not giving up because we need diversity on the board table on both the DHB and on the Wanganui District Council."

"It's the experiences that I've had over my life. I'm born and bred Whanganui. Suicide prevention, mental health services, social services, helping out people at the ground level - that's who I am. I'm a community person."


Firmin wants Whanganui people to grow their own kai to improve their connection to Papatūānuku.

"It's all about wellness and health," she said.

Firmin supports a lot of what the current council is doing, particularly the focus on the Serjeant Gallery.

And she spoke about protecting the environment.

"What can we do to help make a difference for our people - for our grandchildren? This is what we're doing it for isn't it? So they don't have to suffer, they don't have to go through the hard yards in the next 10 to 20 years."

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